Users benefit from the collaboration between fintech companies in the securities field

June 17, 2024

In the era of digitalization, the collaboration between fintech companies in the securities field has brought numerous benefits to users. A prime example is the partnership between ZaloPay, a digital wallet, and DNSE Securities Company, which has provided unique advantages in stock market investment for users.

DNSE Securities’ Stock Trading Account has been integrated into the ZaloPay platform, offering convenient opportunities for users to invest in securities.

In the 4.0 era, convenience is a crucial factor that consumers seek when utilizing services. The collaboration between fintech and companies across various sectors has become a prominent trend. Fintech companies leverage technology to create superior products, gaining a competitive edge in the industry. Among these collaborations, the API integration between service platforms is rapidly developing, opening opportunities for financial products and maximizing benefits for customers.

In the banking sector, fintech’s involvement has facilitated convenient, fast, and cost-effective online payment methods. By establishing partnerships with e-commerce platforms, digital wallets, and other services, banks have expanded the digital experience for users. For instance, opening a bank account through digital wallets like ZaloPay.

Over the past few years, Vietnamese consumers have embraced various digital financial solutions, leading a profound and widespread “digital lifestyle.” Particularly, the strong engagement of tech-savvy young individuals in technology, financial planning, and investment research has accelerated the digital transformation process.

In line with this trend, collaboration between securities companies and fintech firms in the financial and securities field has become a necessary requirement, aiming to provide more convenient experiences in investment support and intelligent asset management.

The introduction of technology in any sector yields two outcomes: expanding customer base and reducing barriers. The collaboration between fintech and securities companies in the securities field has demonstrated the potential to revolutionize the industry, bringing about benefits and convenience for users.

(Source: Vietnamese article)

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